Fauve Records shed light on forgotten pearls with the Extinct Melodies series

It’s sitting there at the back of the crate, dusty and unnoticed with its well-thumbed sleeve and previous owner’s scribbles across the artwork. It’s a forgotten gem, which perhaps only the most committed vinyl enthusiast would have the patience to seek out. In a new project of re-touched global curiosities, Hong Kong’s Fauve Records kicks off a series celebrating the art of the forgotten. The Extinct Melodies series will see a collection of global producers apply some re-edit gloss to a clutch of lesser-known works. In the coming months, you can expect offerings such as updated interpretations of long-forgotten Cantonese club standards (word of a planned Canto-remix of Mory Kante’s seminal Yeke is already getting the juices flowing), all designed to stretch the collective minds of global dancefloors. “It will be a bunch of everything and nothing,” says Fauve Records boss Romain FX. The cryptic description underlines the ethos of the series: it’s a multi-genre, anything goes.

Written by Toby Doman

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